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The GL model is multi-dynamic


  • individual elements have multiple layers and therefore could impact on an individual, a group, a class or the whole school

  • individual elements can effect other elements in the same group of elements as well as elements in other groups.  


For example, an approach developing the skills of cognitive empathy of individuals, will not only benefit the a 10 year old student, but also the friendship and learning groups that they are in.  The skills development of cognitive empathy will enhance the interactions of the grade and also the school.  With enhanced cognitive empathy then enabled students will be more aware of the host culture (an element in outcomes), be more capable of giving peer feedback to another student (an element in external controls), to perform more effectively in a collaborative team (an element in institutional effects) and have a greater resource in terms of creativity (an element in personal standards).


To understand the development of the GL model (click here) and to understand how the GL model could be used (click here).


Below you will find first the GL model containing the groupings of elements and then under this the GL model with the various elements in each group.

To find further information about the various elements from each of the groups of external controls, personal standards, institutional effects and outcomes, please click on the individual element shown in the full GL model below.


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