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ethical approach 

An ethical approach can be witnessed when the actions or decisions taken by an individual are in line with their moral code.  For individuals within a school this means actions and decisions are taken in line with the vision, mission, values and aims held by the school. Within an IB world school this would also include the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile.  When an ethical approach is the norm of individuals within the institution and therefore present then Great Learning is more likely to occur.


Individuals that take an ethical approach not only possess positive core values but are also able to demonstrate these values on a daily basis through ethically minded decisions and actions. Consequently it is important that everyone has the opportunity to take action and experience learning that is ethically pursued. The IB’s Creativity, Action, Service project is an example of how students are able to apply their core values either in or outside of school. Students can apply their positive core principles by supporting others, demonstrating social responsibility and offering sustained participation.


An opposing example or an ‘unethical approach’ could be plagiarism amongst friends. Individuals may be demonstrating values such as empathy by helping out a friend who has not completed an assignment or their approach is ethical within their own culture.  However they are also displaying an unethical approach to learning within the school as these approaches are against the vaues of the institution. It is therefore essential that students understand the core values of the school and that these require application through ethically pursued decisions and actions.  

Leadership Standards

Leadership Standards

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