Growth represents for us the amount of development and progress that takes place in terms of professional growth for staff and individual personal growth for students.


In order to enable Great Learning we believe it is important that all individuals have leadership opportunities as well as the possibility to experience different roles within teams and the learning environment.  Through specific tailored training we try to ensure skills are developed and enhanced. For example, students regularly have the opportunity to develop leadership roles within informal settings such as group work, or more formal environments such as the Student Council. It is essential that opportunities for growth are authentic and meet the needs of the school.  The staff also require appropriate professional development opportunities and professional learning communities with the possibility to undertake action research.


If this is not the case, then the opportunities for growth are limited and the strength of the school community is weaker than it necessarily could have been. For example, if a school provided professional development for staff that does not meet the needs of the individual teachers, then pedagogical development may be stunted. 

Staff Professional Development

Staff Professional Development

Student Voice

Student Voice

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