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funding source

We have defined funding source as the contributing organisations or methods in which the school raises finance to operate successfully.


All schools are dependent upon funding. The source of the funding may come from national governments, private sponsorship, endowment funds or through tuition fees. Regardless of the funding source, it is essential that funding is sufficient and stable. In addition, schools should have flexibility in terms of where they distribute their funding.


Schools with allocative freedom are able to financially invest in order to meet their specific needs. On the other hand, schools that receive assigned funding may end up having to invest in resources that do not support Great Learning. For example, a sponsor may decide to allocate funding for a state of the art auditorium instead of providing accessible instructional materials. Whilst a new auditorium may provide a school with a useful meeting place, the impact it has on Great Learning is minimal. In contrast however, investment in accessible instructional materials would benefit all learners to develop and grow.


A stable funding source also ensures proficient medium and long term planning which can be geared towards investments that support the Great Learning model, without for example, the concerns of a sudden drop in student numbers and the subsequent tuition fee revenue reduction.


Therefore to enable Great Learning the funding source needs to be sufficient, stable and come with allocative freedom.

Fees Document

Fees Document

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