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Goodwork: Theory and Practice

In 1995, psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, William Damon, and Howard Gardner launched the GoodWork Project. In the succeeding decade, they and their colleagues at five universities conducted indepth interviews of over 1200 professionals drawn from nine different professions. Findings from the study have been reported in several books and several dozen articles. Since the completion of the initial phase of the Project, many of the researchers on the GoodWork Project have carried out studies and launched applications that grow directly out of the findings from the original Project. To commemorate 15 years of the project, researcher with a lengthy connection to the Project have assembled the present collection. Included are a brief history of the Project, reflections by the three principal investigators, expansions of the theory, critiques of the theory, and several articles that focus on ways in which the findings have been applied in education and related domains.

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