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Grade 8 Figures
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is of an excellent technical quality, with an understanding of the individual, that is ethically pursued and socially responsible and learning that is engaging, enjoyable and feels great 


Howard Gardner

Five Minds for the Future


David Perkins

Learning the Whole Game


John Hattie

Visible Learning


Carol Dweck

Mindset: How you can fulfill your potential


personal, institutional, external controls & outcomes  

'Great Learning' is enabled when elements within the school and external controls are positively aligned. 


The model of 'great learning' has four distinct groupings of elements for both the whole school and the individual learning environments.  These are around:

  • external controls;

  • personal standards for leaders, staff and students;

  • the institutional effects on the school and classroom;

  • school and learning outcomes.


This structure was based on the model of controls influencing GoodWork by the GoodWork Project Team in 2004.


Click on the link in the box below to find out more about the GL model.

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